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                 & SISTER

It all started back in 2014, a brother and sister with a huge passion for beauty and luxury experiences. Marthine and Kim was both working in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and beautician, they were travelling the wold together and did photoshoots for several well-known brands all over Europe. Already at a age of 16 and 19 years, a few years later, was the concept born in Norway.



At a small place in Asker, Norway. They sorted out a "hidden" place for the locals, to try out the pilot project for a new way to think of beauty and excellence in service. Young and humble, full of guts and a will to work around the clock, the success just started! With the dedication to the opening and will to perform true miracles for the guests in the little "Hidden Oase", the rumor about them went like fire in dry grass, and bookings were floating over.


True passion for beauty, shoot in Copenhagen for L´oréal  - shu uemura GALLERY OF STYLE

Photo by: Klok Foto DK 2015



The eager to learn and playing with beauty, sat them in a new possition in their field..

Kim & Marthine were working with different sets, hired as educators and spokespersons for the national as well as international industry.  

Backstage on shoot in Oslo 2016
// Photo by: Unknown


Travelling the world and  expect the unexpected, have been the foundation of our gesture.

Photo: BASEMENT Nightclub, Miami USA





The team is expanded with all services needed for your desired beauty look! A three floor boutique, one for each department, Skincare & nails, beauty shop, and a hair saloon. After 6 years, Kim is now taking the expansions to the next level, and developing the team to be one of the best. Marthine is still a creative part of the development, but has taken her way out of TROPICOS, she found love and moved to another city in Norway, where she still is a part of the industry both digital and experience developer. 

TROPICOS moved from Asker to Sandvika in the pandemic to the brand new store and the whole team are looking forward to see you soon!