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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Dear guests,

In light of the current situation regarding COVID-19, first and foremost, we would like to voice that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus in Norway and around the globe. At TROPICOS the well-being and safety of our team, clients and communities are our top priority. As we closely monitor the evolving impact, we are implementing ongoing measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, while also maintaining the highest level of service to our guests.

We are keeping up with the guidance of the World Health Organization, CDC and Gouverment, as well, local authorities related to travel, quarantine, meetings, events, and we will continue to adjust our guidance accordingly.

In the meantime, we want to assure you that we will continue to provide uninterrupted service to you and your constituencies.

We have implemented a number of SAFETY MEASURES which we would kindly ask you to respect when you are visiting TROPICOS !

• Firstly, always refer to the latest advice from Norwegian government and local health authority. 

• If you present symptoms of COVID-19. It would be definitely possible to reschedule your appointment.

•Follow Public health instructions from your local authorities so you can take all possible steps to help you stay healthy, such as washing your hands frequently. 

•DO NOT visit us, if you have been in contact with a person which has recently traveled overseas or a person which is presenting the symptoms of COVID-19 .

•Take hand sanitizer with you when you’re out and about, preferably, one with a high alcohol content (min 69%). Apply regularly, covering all the surfaces of your hands.

• Avoid to use the public transport for coming to TROPICOS.

• As you already know we are standing up for greeting everyone who enters the salon by the well known gesture of shaking hands or offering hugs. Unfortunately in this critical period we need to inform you that any of these actions, previously mentioned, will be possible to happen, however we can greet you with our smile as always.

• If you are wearing a jacket we ask you to hang it on the coat hanger by yourself which you can find at the entrance of the salon.

•Washing your hands is an indispensable and mandatory action right after you enter the building. This action can be done in the guests’ powder room where it can be found behind the main reception .

•Regarding purchasing any of the products from our presentation shelf we ask you to wait for assistance from one of our TROPICOS team member. PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THE PRODUCTS, WE WOULD GLADLY HELP YOU !

UPDATES 25.04.2020

• Before using any kind of your personal stuff , for example: LAPTOP - SUNGLASSES - GLASSES - CELLPHONE - BAGS / PURSE which can be in contact with the surfaces of TROPICOS SALON please wipe it off with the disinfected wipes that are easy to find on every work station and the main reception , in case you do not find those , please ask TROPICOS // TEAM .

•Following the latest decisions of FHI , we cannot serve you coffee or tastings , such as the fruit bowl or other tastings inside the salon . However, this does not mean that you cannot serve coffee or cold water , as long as you are serving yourself from the coffee machine . If you want plain or sparkling water ask TROPICOS staff and you will be served a sealed bottle / dose .


•For reasons of minimizing the risk of infection please do not come with other family members or friends when you have an appointment at TROPICOS SALON .

• If it happens to arrive earlier than your scheduled appointment we are asking you to wait in your car or any other safe place of your preference . In case your appointment is delayed by the TROPICOS TEAM we are making sure to call you in advance or sending you a message to let you aware of that .

As we go through these challenging times, I’m reminded of how fortunate we are to be part of this strong community that supports each other to accomplish great things. It is the power of this community that will propel us through this to better times.

On behalf of all TROPICOS TEAM , I wish you, your teams and your loved ones health and safety.


Regarding to the new routines we have made price adjustments to some of our services.


Best regards ,



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