We wish that you arrive ahead of your appointment, to lower your shoulders before starting your treatment. We offer coffee, tea and other drinks from the service menu. Please contact the reception on arrival. An appointment with us is specially prepared for a stressful and polluted everyday life. We want to create a calm atmosphere without disturbance from the outside world. The lounge has no age limit, but our treatments are not suitable for children under 10 years. One should spend time in order to relax and enjoy the treatment in its entirety. Reduce mobile phone usage so that you and others can experience an undisturbed break from everyday life.


Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the agreed date. Appointments that are not canceled 24 hours in advance will be charged. Delays happen to all of us and we would like to encourage you to call the salon if you get delayed. Correspondingly, we will also call if we are delayed for more than 10 minutes. If we are not available at the phone 24 hours before your time (for example Sunday), you can cancel your time online (with your login) or send us an email to info@tropicosbeauty.no We only wish the best for our guests, and therefore request understanding of our attendance duty and cancellation policy.


As a consumer, you have some responsibility to inform about allergies and previous chemical treatments. Are you unsure whether you can withstand hair color or have a hair that is treated and which can give a chemical reaction to our products? Book a consultation session to determine uncertainty or contact a doctor if you are unsure whether you can withstand the chemical substances. We have both color and shine with and without ammonia. If you have specific requests for chemical substances and parabens, please inform this to your professional adviser. We also have products without parabens and without artificial perfumes, your adviser will guide you through the selection.


We will do everything in our power to satisfy your needs, but please note that you are responsible for the professional's understanding of the desired outcome.
Please ask for the cost of treatment (s), treatment lists are listed online, and it is your responsibility to pay attention to the rates.
We do our best to look after clothing and shoes during chemical processes, but will state that you as a consumer are responsible for high value assets. If an injury occurs, we will provide you with a voucher of up to NOK 1000, upon receipt.


We conduct exclusive products at market prices. All prices ar provided in NOK and including Norwegian VAT. If you find the products cheaper and can document this, we would like to hear about it. Webshop prices may vary from store. Your purchase with us is always guranteed guidance from an proffesionale adviser.


We have exclusive gift cards that come in a mysterious black envelope, we can pack the card in a bag of travel-sized products and testers depending on the amount of the card. The minimum amount of gift cards is kr 500, - and it can be used freely on all treatments and / or products at our site.
Remember that the gift card MUST be used before expiration date and can not be refunded in cash.
The gift certificate is purchased directly at our reception desk, and will be available later on at our webshop.


Please contact us immediately by phone or info@tropicosbeauty.no if there should be any defects or other errors with goods. If a product is clearly damaged during transport, it is important that the Post or freight forwarder immediately be notified. The post will provide you with a replacement form to be filled out.
Then contact us.
In case of consumer purchases, the Copyright Law applies.
According to the law of cancellation, you as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase for up to 14 days after receipt of the goods and for no particular reason.
By using the right of cancellation, the customer pays returnporto.
If the product has been opened / used, the right of cancellation can not be made applicable. Please contact us if you need a procedure using the right of withdrawal.


Normally, all orders are shipped within 24 hours after receipt.
After the package is delivered to the mail you will receive tracking number. pr. E-mail. As a sender on the package: TROPICOS AS, Fekjan 3, 1394 NESBRU.
All items are delivered directly from our lounge in Norway and sent by mail.
Free shipping. All returns must be agreed upon in advance and the shipment must be marked with return number. Returns without a returned return number may not be processed. For the fastest possible treatment, it is important that the reason for the return is stated in the most accurate way.


The Consumer Buying Act ensures consumers the terms and conditions for the purchase of traders. tropicosshop.no/.com does not exchange customer information with third parties. We only record personal information necessary to handle and identify customers, orders, and warranty. Acc. The Personal Data Act has anyone requesting access to the processing of personal data by an enterprise.


We accept any errors or omissions regarding descriptions, products, prices, stock status and technical solutions. Feel free to contact us if you experience a problem or a lack of our site.


We offer card payment via VISA / MasterCard.
We use a secure 3D-secure solution from DIBS for handling card payments. We note that we do not see or save your card number. Payment by card only occurs when you go to checkout.
The amount will be reserved on your card as soon as you complete the order.
The amount will not be deducted from your card before the package is completed.